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Welcome to the website of FysioNovo.
We offer you treatments for physical complaints such as ; poor physical condition, obesity or chronic condition. In our practice with exercise room, you can train under the guidance of experienced physical therapists. This way, you can be sure that you’ll obtai an excellent training structure, and that all your exercises will be done in a responsible way. Because of our extensive assortment of cardio/fitness equipment, we can offer you a large diversity of great workout possibilities. Through this website, we would like to give you a clear view of what our physiotherapy practice can do for you. For further information or comments, you could always reach us by phone.

Exercise programs:
Who can use our exercise program:
Our aim with the exercise programs is to stimulate people , who have a chronic condition,to move.
FysioNovo offers exercise programs for people with the following conditions:
• COPD (Chronic obstructive respiratory disease)
• Diabetis type 2
• Obesity
• Rheumatism
• Heart and vascular disease.
• People that suffer from intermittent claudication fontaine stage 2 & 3
• overweight children .

A personal exercise program that suits your personal situation, and under expert guidance of a physical therapist.
The exercise program starts with an individual intake /interview. During the intake / interview we will determine your starting level and also which goals you would like to accomplish.
The first few workouts will take place under individual guidance to become familiar with physical exertion.

FysioNovo has a contract with Agis, Achmea, FBTO and Zilverenkruis.
Your physical therapists can provide you with more information. Or you could contact your health insurance yourself.